YS Jagan asks coordinators to focus on booth-level outreach

In view of the reports that elections to Andhra Pradesh assembly and Lok Sabha would be held in four to five months, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan has asked the party coordinators to prepare for the elections. On Tuesday, he addressed an extensive meeting of the party coordinators at Vizag. Speaking to them, YS Jagan suggested that every constituency coordinator should cover two wards per day and should go door-to-door. He said the booth level programmes should be launched from September 17. This booth level outreach should be conducted for five days a week during which the issues and problems being faced by the people should be collected. He called upon the party workers to review the voters list at the booth leve and ensure that the rolls are corrected and the names of the party workers are not deleted from the lists.  Even as booth-level padayatras are on, the party leaders should focus on the party programmes.

In the first phase, 50 booths selected by the party should be completed. This should be done in the first phase itself. The party workers should focus on booth managers and booth committees. One booth committee member should be held responsible for 30 to 35 families.YS Jagan called upon the party workers to focus on the booth-level outreach in a systematic way so that every voter is reached. 

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