Youth Conference in Visakhapatnam on 22nd

The youth supports Y.S.Jagan
Opposition Leader to be Chief Guest for the Conference
VIZAG: The Youth are standing beside the Opposition Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy who was fighting for Special Status. The conference in Visakhapatnam takes inspiration from Tirupati youth conference. The young people are expressing great enthusiasm with Jagan attending the conference as Chief Guest. They are awaiting to give a grand welcome to Y.S.Jagan. The leader will talk on the importance of Special Status in the conference.

Y.S.Jagan’s incessant fight
The struggle of Y.S.Jagan for Special Status is awakening. He is moving ahead by spreading awareness on the vitality of Special Status, the people are appreciating the efforts of the peoples leader. To inspire and awake the youth on Special Status, he will deliver his speech in Visakhapatnam. All arrangements were being made to make this Youth Conference at Visakhapatnam as successful as the Tirupati conference.

Awakening on Special Status
The Opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy will attend as Chief Guest for the Youth Conference at Visakha Port Kalavaani Stadium. He will deliver his speech and discuss with the students & youth on the necessity to fight against the government’s failure to achieve special status. He will explain the importance and benefits of Special Status. He will also address the issues like Fee Reimbursement, problems faced by the unemployed, unemployment assistance and also will address the police baton strike on the students at Visakhapatnam expressing his enrage on government’s dictatorial behavior.

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