You May Buy MLAs, But Not People

Vizianagaram: YSR Congress
Party MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy stated that the MLAs and the MLCs of the
party would mention the political conspiracies going on in Andhra Pradesh state
to the president of India on the 25th of this month. He explained
that candlelight vigils and protests would be conducted on the 23rd
of this month in the name ‘Save Democracy’. Kolagatla questioned why the
Government, in spite of having enough majority, was targeting the MLAs of the
opposition party. He complained that this act was a result of Chandrababu’s
greed for him and his son to continue in power forever. He remarked that MLAs
might be bought with corrupt money, but not people. He questioned the
justification behind TDP’s complaint against party defection of TDP leaders in
Telangana, while buying MLAs from opposition in AP.

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