Yellow leaders treacheries coming into light..!

Ministers bully Opposition

Same Scene repeats on the fourth day..! YSRCP

There is no limit to the ruling parties
crooked acts in the Assembly. The fourth day Assembly sessions were full of
adjournments. The Government did not answer any of the matters raised by YSRCP
and on top of it the members of the ruling party started abusing the opposition
members on the personal grounds. It is unfortunate that the Government leaders
were primarily working to stop the proceedings of the sessions in the Assembly.
It is unethical that Chandrababu encouraged the Telugu Desam MLA’s and Ministers
to abuse the opposition members. The Ruling party tried to stop the proceedings
fearing that its dishonesty and treachery gets exposed to the public. They did
not show minimum courtesy and respect to the opposition members and also
violated the rules of Assembly.

Abusing Opposition, interrupting the
debates..this is TDP’s formula..!

The adjournment motion was rejected, which is
meant for debate on drought and prices of  basic commodities. The speaker adjourned the house
when the opposition party insisted for debate. After the house resumed
Acchamnaidu with a pre-plan attacked the opposition. He started abusing YSRCP
saying that the party should change its name as ‘Psycho Party’. The YSRCP
condemned this act and protested that the Minister should apologize. The party
gave notice for privilege motion against to Acchamnaidu.  Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the comments
of the Minister were left to his discrimination & conscience.

Bills were passed in hurry..!

After the second adjournment the Government behaved
as it pleases. It started another hi-drama by bringing up Bills, without giving
minimum time to the Opposition. Y.S.Jagan said that they were against passing
the bills without any debate and observation. He said that the copies of the
Bills have to be sent to the Opposition at least one week before the sessions,
and he questioned, how can the government present the bills in the house? He
pointed that this act is violation of the rules of the house. He added that the
bills have to carefully observed, debated and if any corrections are there they
have to be amended, without all these if the government is trying to pass the
bills as it pleases, kit is the ruling party foolishness.

Distressed to face Opposition

The YSRCP leaders said that it is very
difficult to understand the intention and manner of the Government. They said
that YSRCP was demanding to conduct Assembly sessions at least for 15 days to
discuss on public issues but the government adamantly scheduled the session
only for 5 days. They criticized that the ruling party doesn’t have courage to
face the opposition and was unable to face the debate on public issues so it
planned to conduct the session for 5 days and quickly complete it.

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