Yellow Leaders Terrorised

Guntur (Patnam Bazaar): YSRCP president YS Jagan's letter to the PM of India brought about terror among TDP leaders, remarked YSRCP's state secretary Lella Appireddy. Speaking to the media at the party's office in Arandalpet, he commented that TDP leaders' behaviour was like a thief screaming about thieves and slammed the way they had been trying to defame YS Jagan and other leaders of YSRCP. He challenged the TDP leaders who were spreading globally, statements about YSRCP that it had been leaked that somenody had pocketed Rs.10,000 crore in Income Declaration Scheme, to come out and directly disclose who had given that information to them.
Appireddy commented that Chandrababu's Government had done nothing beneficial for people in the 2.5 year-rule. He remarked that such comments were beinng passed by TDP leaders only to gain impression from Chandrababu and Lokesh. He suggested that people would not tolerate it if proofless and meaningless statements were passed.
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