Yellow leaders tensed in Assembly..!

The AP Assembly sessions continued to be hot on the second day. The Assembly shook with Special Status & Cash for Vote matters. Y.S.Jagan pressed hardly on Special Status and made the Government come down. As per the demand of YSRCP the issue was debated in the assembly and unanimous resolution has been taken. Before this during long debate the ruling party men made verbal attacks on Jagan, trying to divert attention from people issues. Whenever Jagan raised his voice on corruption and ill governance, the ruling party men tried to obstruct him. Doing so the Babu & Co., attacked Jagan with their verbal abuse.

Chandrababu was uncomfortable when Jagan raised Special Status & Cash for Vote matters. The ruling party men were confused and tensed. Their leaders like Acchamnaidu, Ravela Kishore, Dhulipalla Narendra, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu tried to divert the topic of debate by verbally abusing Jagan. With this the opposition members went into the well to condemn this and the ruling party members tried to attack them. Overall, Chandrababu steered the assembly sessions with high drama by playing reaction and action with his team

YS Jagan explained the benefits of Special Status and the possibilities of achieving it. He fired that Chnadrababu has pledged Special Status to Modi in his attempt to escape from Cash for Vote case. He demanded the ruling party to answer if they can achieve Special Status within one month or not.
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