Yanamala has to Resign if he has any Honour

  • Yanamala does not deserve to be in the assembly
  • People, representatives and courts are at dissatisfaction with TDP Government
  • Roja is inspiration to all women
  • Chandrababu has to welcome Roja into the house with a flower bouquet - Chevireddy
  •  Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy sternly criticized Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. He demanded Yanamala to resign if he had any trace of honour. He mentioned that even the courts had found fault in Yanamala’s actions being against rules and law. He opined that Yanamala Ramakrishnudu did not deserve to sit in the assembly for even a second. Chevireddy suggested to the ministers and the MLAs of TDP that they welcomed Roja into the house with bouquet of flowers instead of plotting conspiracies to stop her. He questioned who had given him the right to suspend Roja against regulations.

     Chevireddy questioned what was left of Yanamala to answer after all the bragging about working as the speaker and the Minister of Legislature and knowing everything. He remarked that the Supreme Court and the High Court had spanked the 1 year-long suspension of an MLA and all the ruling party MLAs supporting it. He complained that the ministers and the MLAs of TDP were stating whatever the assembly decided was right and commented that this was not NTR Trust Bhavan or TDP regional office. He reminded that there were some rules and regulations in the house and they were meant to be followed. He cautioned that this kind of slap would be rewarded to the Government if rights were threatened.

     Chevireddy also stated that the dishonor TDP members had caused to a woman would haunt them. He also specified that they would approach the court regarding the suspension of Rule 71 at the time of admission of No Confidence Motion against the speaker. He commented that people, representatives and courts were at dissatisfaction with TDP Government and that this sort of degraded rule was nowhere else to be seen.

     Chevireddy applauded Roja and stated that she was an inspiration to all women. He added that this incidence demonstrated that anything could be accomplished if a woman fought with determination. He said that they would offer grand welcome to Roja into the assembly. Chevireddy mentioned to the media that the suspension of MLAs against rules in Tamil Nadu also had been stricken off and irregular behaviour of the assembly in a state of North India also had faced the court’s disapproval and the records had been seized.

     Chevireddy criticized TDP Government’s plans of attempting to not let Roja into the assembly. He suggested that it should be remembered that she was a leader who had won over Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu with people’s support. He warned that this kind of unlawful conspiracies, if occurred again, would be slammed not by the courts, but by the people and women themselves.



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