Yanamala Aims Suppression of Opposition’s Voice

  • The Government
    does not hold any respect for laws, rules and courts
  • It is
    atrocious not to allow Roja into assembly


Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA
Visweswar Reddy condemned the Government for its undemocratic behaviour and suppression
of the voice of opposition. He commented that it was atrocious of the ruling
party leaders to defy High Court’s stay orders and not allowing MLA Roja into
the assembly. He expressed dispproval towards their treatment towards YSRCP
president YS Jagan and other MLAs who demanded that she was allowed.

Visweswar Reddy commented that it was
surprising how CM Chandrababu Naidu was attending the High Court Lawyers’
Conference on one hand while defying court orders and approaching division
bench on the other hand. He questioned why the Government had to go for such
acts about one woman MLA. Visweswar Reddy mentioned that Roja had been unjustly
suspended for speaking against TDP’s Call Money sex racket. He added that the
Government was committing new mistakes over not rectifying the old ones. He
cautioned that people would soon teach a lesson to the Government for defying
courts and resorting to unlawful acts.

Visweswar Reddy criticized that the
Government had no respect for courts and legislative houses. He slammed the
Government’s attempts to protect the defected MLAs over not disqualifying them.
He added that the Government paid no respect to laws and rules either. Minister
of legislature Yanamala was misusing his experience for suppressing the voice
of the opposition, suspending opposition MLAs and diverting the house from
discussion people’s problems.

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