wrong doing of TDP

Nagari Municipal Chairperson Shanta Kumari’s husband and general secretary of YSRCP trade union state committe  KJ Kumar was arrested undemocratically in his residence. on charges of alleged assault on the Municipal Commissioner Balaji, a charge vehemently denied by Shanta Kumari.

According to sources, the police barged into Shanta Kumari’s house yesterday evening and allegedly dragged her husband KJ Kumar out of the house. He was later taken to Puttur police station in Chittoor district.

Shanta Kumari alleged foul play and said that Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu, a TDP leader, was behind her husband’s arrest and said that she feared for his life.
Shanta Kumari’s son was also arrested on August 14.

Meanwhile YSRCP leader Roja alleged that law and order situation was deteriorating in Chief Minister’s district (Chittoor disctrict) and added that she and her party members would stage a protest in front of CM’s house soon in order to raise various concerning women.

Roja also accused the ruling party of framing false charges against several YSRCP leaders.

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