Workers Left To Shed Tears Under TDP Rule

  • Movement throughout the state about labourers' problems
  • Workers' conference in Vijayawada on January 21
  • YSRTUC state president, Gowtham Reddy
Vijayawada: Commenting that the governance going on in the state was anti-worker, YSR Trade Union state president, Gowtham Reddy, opined that labourers were left with tears under such rule. Reminding that none of the promises made by Chandrababu to workers at the time of elections had been realised, he informed that a state level movement would be held in protest against the Government and the first conference would be held in Vijayawada on the 21st of this month. He unveiled the poster in YSRCP's office in Vijayawada, along with leaders of YSRTUC.

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Gowtham Reddy reminded how Chandrababu had promised at the time of elections to give great importance to workers' welfare but forgotten all about it later. He also mentioned the promise to create 1 lakh jobs that had been kept aside for three years, along with the promise of stipend for the unemployed. Gowtham Reddy slammed the way existing jobs were being withdrawn over not creating new employment and expressed concern about the suppression of contract employees in the state. He condemned the indifference shown towards the agony of contract lecturers, in particular.

Gowtham Reddy commented that Chandrababu was ruling with greed for lands, ignoring workers' welfare. Despite experts' suggestion that capital city's construction needed 2000 acres, Babu was ignoring that and getting ready to snatch 1.5 lakh acres, he exclaimed. While labourers were living with insufficient wages, TDP ministers Atchannaidu and Yanamala Ramakrishunudu were doing false publicity, Gowtham Reddy commented. 

Indicating that dharnas, conferences and presentations would be held in protest against the Government's negligence to worker class, he mentioned YSRCP president, YS Jagan would stand supportive of these protests. He demanded that the Government should release white paper on how many jobs had been given till now.
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