Work On People's Problems Rather Than On Publicity

YSRCP’s district official spokesman and former ZPTC member Ramanadhula Bhaskar
mentioned that Chandrababu’s Government had done nothing for the poor people
and the farmers in the last two years. Speaking to the media at Rajupalem, he
opined that the Government should have waived the loans of the farmers at a
time instead of spending money for publicity stunts like deekshas, Eruvaka
programme, distribution of loan waiver documents and polam bata.

Bhaskar complained that
TDP Government was more interested in publicity than in the development of the
state. He criticised the fake love exhibited by Chandrababu on the farmers. He
expressed concern towards lack of information about the farmers whose loans had
been waived and whose had not been with the agriculture officers. He suggested
that Chandrababu rightfully used people’s money for people at least now.


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