Won't You Give MLAs The Chance They Deserve?

  • Can MLAs not pass welfare schemes?
  • Will
    you sanction all the funds to TDP leaders?
  • What
    about constitutional inspiration?

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLAs opined that the Government
was showing bias against opposition MLAs in sanctioning funds for the
development of their constituencies. MLAs Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy and
Buggana Rajendranath Reddy spoke regarding this.

MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad

MLA Siva Prasad Reddy expressed his concern saying that they were being deprived
of their chance to serve their people in spite of winning because of their
trust. He condemned the Government for stating that they were ineligible to provide
people of their constituencies with infrastructure facilities. He complained
that ex.MLA Nandyala Varadarajulu who had lost to him in the elections was
being sanctioned Rs.2 crore for 42 works by the TDP Government. TDP leader Lingareddy
who supported Varadarajulu was also being allotted Rs.1 crore for 23 jobs. Siva
Prasad Reddy questioned for justification for this. He appealed for the people
of his constituency Proddutur to observe how he was being suppressed from
serving them. He specified that not being able to work for them was not because
of his negligence but due to the tyrannical behaviour of the state Government.
He informed that all the YSRCP MLAs had insisted on the development of their
constituencies. He questioned why he was being given Rs.2 lakh honourary salary
if he was ineligible for serving people of his constituency and passing welfare
funds to them.

Rachamallu slammed the
announcement made by Yanamala that funds would not be allotted to them as long
as TDP was in rule and Special Development Funds (SDF) would be released only
to some MLAs at their will. He said not allotting funds meant insulting the
MLAs as well as the crores of people of their constituencies. He reminded how
late CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy allotted crores of rupees of funds to MLAs. He
questioned the sanity of people if they believed the state was being greatly
developed. Rachamallu confided that people would teach Chandrababu a lesson in
general elections of 2019. He cautioned Chandrababu to treat MLAs of all the
parties impartially. 

Buggana Rajendranath Reddy

YSRCP MLA Buggana Rajendranath Reddy questioned how the
Government could allot funds to the people of its choice and not to the MLAs
elected by the people. He informed that apparently 74 MLAs and MLCs had been
given Rs.2 crore each and 24 others had been given Rs.54 crore for the
development of constituencies. But when observed carefully the 74 and the 24
people receiving the funds belonged to the same party, stated Buggana. He also
revealed that the names were not those of the present MLAs and MLCs but those
of ex.MLAs, ex.MLCs and people aspiring to become MLAs and MLCs in future.

Rajendranath mentioned that since the last 20-30 years, most of the assembly’s
work had been turned to executive work. He stated that when it came to the
development of constituencies, people’s representatives MPs and MLAs were given
funds in other states too because they were answerable to people.

mentioned examples to back his statement. Irrespective of the party, every MLA
was given Rs.5 crore per year. Government of Delhi gave each MLA Rs.4 crore,
Tamil Nadu gave Rs.2 crore, Orissa gave Rs.2-3 crore, Bihar gave Rs.2 crore and
Maharashtra gave Rs.3 crore of funds per year. He specified that only Andhra
Pradesh did not implement the allocation of funds to all its MLAs.

a journalist had asked Telangana MP Kavitha if all the MPs and MLAs of their
state were receiving sufficient funds, theirs being a relatively new state.
Responding to this, she had informed that it was very difficult for a people’s
representative to face the questions posed by the people of their
constituencies. She had informed people would mention their problems including
celebrating weddings, temple construction and water problem. She said that a
people’s representative could never answer like Government officials that this
was out of his department’s range. Citing this, Buggana Rajendranath questioned
the justification for cancelling MLAs’ fund allotment and introducing Special
Development Funds for the development of constituencies. He complained that
constituency development fund demanded issue of funds to all MLAs irrespective
of parties but SDF meant Chandrababu could sanction funds to the people of his

informed that Rs.385 crore had been allotted last year among which Rs.200 crore
was used. This year, Rs.354 crore had been allotted but it was not included in
the budget discussion. Buggana questioned why it was not. He also questioned
the CM’s right to appoint in-charges in constituencies.

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