Women's Parliament meet held like TDP's Mahanadu: Roja

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party MLA RK Roja on Tuesday filed a case against the police for detaining her at the Gannavaram airport on her way to attend National Women's Parliament on February 11. 

In the petition, Roja alleged that the police have wrongfully confined her at the airport. Roja says she has the every right to attend the meet as a public representative and the AP government itself invited her for the convention. But the police confined her at the airport without any provocation from her.
 Stating that her confinement at the airport was illegal as she has not created any law and order issue, the YSRCP MLA requested the court to take action against the police officials who detained her and sent back to Hyderabad. 

She further said that she received an invite for the women's parliament convention at Amaravati and she was simply going to attend it. " To my utter shock, police rounded me up and bundled me in the police vehicle and forcibly sent me back to Hyderabad," she said.

Roja also said that the incident was a clear example of Chandrababu Naidu government's undemocratic and anti-women style of functioning.
Chandrababu turned the women's meet as Mahanadu programme. " They have not invited anyone who fight against women's problems. He invited the persons who praise his rule," she said. She alleged that Chandrababu used the event for self promotion and keeping at bay any form of opposition.  

Roja was detained at the Gannavaram airport in Vijayawada after she arrived to attend the National Women's Parliament in Vijayawada on February 11. She was later taken to a room where she was kept under police surveillance and not allowed to leave the room. To her surprise the police drove her towards Ongole by a woman police officer. She was later forcibly taken towards an undisclosed location. 
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