Women lack security in the state: Vijayamma

Tenali, April 13, 2013:
YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma lamented the ever
increasing attacks on women and lack of proper security to them ever after 65
years of independence. 

Speaking to reporters on
Friday after consoling the family members of B.
Kantha Suneela who was pushed under a lorry by a group of drunken youths who
attempted to molest her daughter Mounika here, Smt. Vijayamma said that
irrespective of their age, women are being subjected to atrocities in the
absence of a strong administration to enforce the law.

It may
be recalled that Suneela was pushed under a lorry when she tried to protect her
daughter from a gang of drunken youths on April 8. The High Court is presently
monitoring the investigation of the case.

 “I am deeply pained at the incident. We are
facing these problems as there is a total failure of the law and order
situation in the absence of strong leaders who can enforce law,” she said.

The atrocities on women
are increasing as the Government has been giving innumerable licenses to wine
shops and bars and restaurants everywhere, especially on the main roads. Smt.
Vijayamma said she would raise the issue in the assembly to ensure justice to
the family.

Asking the CM and the
Home Minister to take steps to prevent recurrence of such incidents, Smt.
Vijayamma said it was sorrowful to see the distressed condition of the family. Quoting
Mahatma Gandhi’s words that India would attain real freedom only when women
could walk freely without fear during the nights, she said we have not yet
attained such freedom.

“Mounika wants the culprits
to be punished severely,” Smt. Vijayamma said, adding, that YSRCP would stand
by the family.


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