Women unhappy with TDP rule

Hyderabad, Dec 22: YSR Congress MLA RK
Roja has said that the ruling TDP has been targeting her and resorting to
character assassination. ‘Senior members from the treasury benches have been
using abusive language while we were being denied mike and we were being
projected as trouble makers by beaming selective clippings,’ she told media
here on Tuesday.

Even when our leader was speaking on an
important issue like farmers’ suicides there were interruptions and denial of
mike. When we insisted on giving him the mike a dalit MLA is made to talk out
of context to create a ruckus. This is the old game of TDP.

Chandrababu Naidu has no respect for
women, dalits and adivasis and it is a proven fact. When a woman officer was
assaulted, the TDP leader goes free and the officer in question would get a
reprimand from the Chief Minister.

The Ambedkar picture is the Assembly is
gathering dust but Chandrababu Naidu ignores and gives a GO which goes against
the interests of the tribals by allowing bauxite mining. Women in the state are
unhappy with the governance and their scorn will have a telling effect on the
Chief Minister, she said.

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