Women Brutally Attacked By The Police

  • Chandrababu is
    engaging himself in degraded politics
  • Even Hitler’s rule was not as insulting to women
    as Babu’s is
  • YSRCP leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy slams Chandrababu

Tirupati: YSRCP leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy stated
that it was atrocious to arrest the people peacefully staging dharna for the
state’s special category status. He mentioned that physically beating up the
women, the leaders, the people and the representatives of people’s
organisations for staging dharna pleasantly in a democratic manner for a good
cause was highly objectionable and illustrated Babu’s degraded politics.
Bhumana was arrested and taken to police station in Muthyalareddypalle. Here is
what he spoke.

  • It is shameful of the police to
    treat democrats so atrociously.
  • It is degraded to assault woman activists savagely.
  • Women might not have faced such a terrible treatment even
    in Hitler’s regime.
  • The slogans raised by woman activists in demand for
    sanction of special status are adding strength to the movement.
  • Babu is behaving in a demonical way with intention of
    bringing up his son politically.
  • Chandrababu is the only leader in India with such a
    terrible mindset.
  • YSRCP president YS Jagan staged a dharna earlier at Jantar
    Mantar of New Delhi.
  • YSRCP held agitations at collectorates and mandal offices
    numerous times to bring awareness in people.
  • Chandrababu mortgaged the state after he was caught in Note
    for Vote case.
  • When Modi proposed special status for 10 years in Tirupati,
    Chandrababu suggested 15 years would be a fairer period.
  • BJP and TDP together are deceiving people.



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