Women are Furious at TDP

  • TDP is acting
    at its will under the mask of arrogance due to power
  • Such a
    vengeful Government is nowhere else inIndia
  • Roja is being intentionally held back from
    entering assembly

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA
Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy criticized the TDP Government for holding the
assembly session in spite of the absence of the opposition in the house. He
commented that the TDP leaders were burying democracy and behaving at their
will under the mask of power. He condemned the tyrannical behaviour of the
Government. He spoke to the media prior to the YSRCLP meeting at Lotus Pond


Siva Prasad Reddy criticized that the
Government lacked interest to solve people’s problems or respect towards courts
or kind heart to accept the positive criticism from the opposition. When an MLA
had lawfully approached the court against her one-year long suspension, the
court issued orders cancelling the suspension. When Roja reached the assembly
holding the court’s orders, she was stopped by the assembly marshals from
entering the assembly. This was nothing but defiance towards court’s orders and
disrespect towards the constitution, remarked Rachamallu. 


He commented that the privileges committee had
intentionally included the names of YSRCP MLAs RK Roja and Kodali Nani in their
report and gotten ready to take action against them. As part of this, a brief
discussion was planned to be held in the assembly to conclude that MLA Roja
should not step into the assembly as per their conspiracy. Rachamallu commented
that a Government that would strive to vengefully hold back a woman MLA from
entering the assembly was nowhere else to be seen in India. He added that the women
of the state were already annoyed at the Government and that TDP would soon
meet its end.

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