Woman Representatives Out Of Security Under TDP Rule

Nagari: Municipal former chairman and YSRCP state TUC general secretary KJ Kumar complained that there was no security for woman people's representatives after TDP had come to power. He spoke in a media conference at Nagari. He commented that the people of the city were at disgust towards the atrocious act of TDP MLC Muddu Krishnama Naidu ingnoring the fact that a municipal chairperson had the right to attend any programme happening in the limits of her municipality. 
He informed that their primary assailants Amruth Raj and his brother Michael had been accused in smuggling rice and making cheap liquor and Muddu Krishnama Naidu had given shelter to such criminals. KJ Kumar mentined that the assault had been ordered by Muddu Krishnama Naidu himself and that his son was innocently speaking about discipline on the other hand.
Kumar remarked that the attacks that had happened in Nagari fair on MLA RK Roja and those that happened recently on the municipal chairperson and the corporators showed that security was something that woman representatives lacked under TDP rule. He mentioned that Santhi who had been in deeksha for 5 days had undergone surgery in Apollo Hospital of Chennai on the 4th of April. Now she had been brutally assaulted by the goons employed by TDP MLC Muddu right in front of the police.
Participating in this media conference were municipal vice-chairman PG Neelamegham, leaders Bujjireddy, Krishnamurthy, Ayyappan, Terani Sarpanch Ravi, Ananda Kumar, Murugan, Govardhan and Sekhar.

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