Withdraw GO on screening pensioners : YSRCP

Sept 18, 2014: Demanding withdrawal of the GO to authorize committees to screen
pensioners in the State with a breakneck speed, YSR Congress has said the move
has a hidden agenda laden with political motives and sans transparency which
will lead to discrimination.  

are bereft of any other source of income and the State issuing a GO to set up
committees from mandal level to identify the eligible candidates is only to cut
down the number of existing pensioners. Our Party objects to the GO and demands
its immediate withdrawal,” Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters
here on Thursday.  

have no objection to the Government weeding out bogus pension claims, but the
exercise should be carried out methodically and should be acceptable to
transparent governance. The GO is totally against any proven methodology as the
manner in which members of the committee are taken shows that it will be filled
with TDP sympathizers or cadre.  

mammoth task of reviewing the existing list of pensioners in two days is not
possible and the deadline set seems to only to benefit TDP cadre and
sympathizers. The Chief Minister is supposed to govern the entire State as one
unit and look beyond party affiliations as YSR had shown the way while
implementing welfare schemes.  

Naidu is trying to emulate YSR, in terms of padayatra and welfare schemes but
when it comes to implementation his real intentions are coming out in the open.
We are not opposed to weeding out to bogus claims but have doubts in the manner
in which it is carried out as per the GO.  

so, why the pending claims of nearly 15 lakh applications are not being
considered is the question as Chandrababu Naidu has time and again told people
during his electioneering that they will get pensions once TDP comes to power.  

assuming power, forget new pensions, the government is trying to slash the
existing ones through arbitrary means. For other welfare schemes as well, there
are too many riders which are shrinking the size of beneficiaries that shows
the double standards of the Chief Minister,” she said.  

tall claim of Chandrababu Naidu that he has the experience is being shown out
in going back on election promises and finding ways to dilute the welfare
schemes. The proposed Pension Mela on October 2 will see many eligible heads
rolling from the pension list which is why we are opposing the GO and demanding
its immediate withdrawal, she said.

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