Will you take Women as granted?

New Delhi: Chandrababu Naidu is not living up to his status. His comments caused outrage in the streets of the capital caused a disturbance in the place. He commented that who will say No, if the daughter-in-law says, she will deliver a boy. This means if a boy is born it is great news while a girl is born, it is not at all valuable said and the way he spoke about was not appreciated by women community. 

This should be observed as this point, the comments made by him while talking about the special status, special package details related to the comments, saying he was doing. There is a well saying in telugu, that there should not be shown any difference between women and men. In the case of children, government has stopped encouraging to reveal about the baby to be boy or girl during the scanning. In such case, Naidu said that it would be great if a baby boy is born. These words have faced lot of criticism by women organizations.
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