Will remain without address:

The Nellore rural MLA Kotam Reddy Sridhar Reddy fired on the government stating that the ruling party MLAs being on majority are stopping the voice of opposition parties in the Assembly. He stated that such instances are already witnessed in the past and reminded about ill-treating Jaya Lalitha in Tamilnadu assembly, where the ruling party remained without address in the later stage. He spoke at the media point after the assembly is adjourned and said:

Ruling party government is not dealing in proper terms with Roja.

Former MLAs can enter the premises of the Assembly.

Recently the TDP Corporation chairman  also spoke at the media point.

 The Chief Minister said directly in the mike about seeing the end.

The other leaders of the party like Achi Reddy, Uma, Yanamala also spoke ruthlessly about YS Jagan and the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

Bona Uma has almost spoke of building tombs and so on.

It is well known for everyone what Buchaya Choudary speaks everyday

If Roja has to be suspended, will that rules not apply to the Ministers and Chief Minister?

Being in majority, they are not allowing the opposition to speak out.

Government has to change the way it is acting and ruling.

There is no question of fear even if we are suspended for three to four years. 

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