Will Babu Wake Up At Least Jala Deeksha?

Guntur (Gurazala): YSRCP’s
state general secretary Janga Krishnamurthy expressed hope for Chandrababu to
wake up at least after the Jala Deeksha staged by the leader of opposition and
YSRCP president YS Jagan. He demanded for prevention of construction of
unlawful projects by Telangana. He slammed Chandrababu for entering into
compromise with KCR after having been caught in Note for Vote case and oppressing
the rights of the state and mortgaging them to Telangana and the centre.

commented that TDP rule in the state was only beneficial to TDP leaders and
activists but not for the people. He remarked that there were no welfare schemes that would help
any class of the state. He also complained that Chandrababu Neeru-Chettu scheme
was only to fill the pockets of TDP activists with Government money. He
specified that Babu had miserably failed in bringing funds or special status for
the state. 

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