Why is your government so insensitive towards the health care?

Machilipatnam, Krishna District: The slogan, “workers of the world unite” brought the entire working classes together, transcending boundaries. May Day marks this symbolic day, an occasion when the rights of the workers came to be recognised. Amidst slogans of “Long live workers”, I began my Padayatra this morning.
Ashok from Raptadu in Anantapur District came to meet me with his son, Aditya. “Anna, my son has a congenital deaf-mute impairment and thanks to you, he could undergo a cochlear operation. I am a daily wage labourer and I feel indebted to you for having helped me in a way far beyond my modest means. How can I ever repay your debt!” His words made me feel that nothing gives you greater satisfaction than helping the poor and serving the common masses.
Garugu Krishna Reddy of Tadepalli and his sister are both congenitally deaf and mute. He is the International Champion of (Deaf) Chess and he shared this news with great joy, showing me his trophy. They lost their father at a very young age and their mother raised them with great difficulty. When their mother came down with a heart attack, they had no one to turn to, but my father, the late Dr Rajasekhara Reddy’s pioneering healthcare initiative, Arogyasri, came to their rescue and she could undergo a critical heart surgery.
Their relative, Ravisankar, who accompanied them, said—“Anna, your father saved these children from becoming orphans. This family has immense gratitude towards you and they always feel indebted to your father for his priceless help. Not a day passes without this family recollecting your father’s help and support with gratitude.” After winning the International (Deaf) Championship in Chess in UK, this July, his aim was to meet me. He deserved to be appreciated for his self esteem and hard work. Words cannot describe his affection.
Jyothi, who came from Gannavaram fought back her tears as she said—“Anna, I am a bus driver’s wife. I am suffering from breast cancer and got myself treated under Arogyasri. When a lump was discovered near my throat sometime ago, it turned out that malignancy reared its head once again. However, I was told that Arogyasri does not apply this time around and that the treatment would cost around rupees one lakh. I was forced to spend that amount to get myself treated. Now, I am being told that cancer has reappeared. I do not have the means to battle this deadly disease. Anna, I do not seek any assistance from you. All that people like me want is that we should not have to be weighed down by a financial burden under your rule. People should not be denied access to good healthcare. I pray to God to bring such bright days upon us soon under your leadership,” she said, her voice choking with emotion.  I thanked her profusely for her blessings and kind words. This interaction with her strengthened my resolve to ensure that the poorest of the poor get access to good healthcare under YSRCP.
I have a question for the chief minister—your government has neglected government hospitals and healthcare facilities completely. 104 and 108 schemes are now a picture of government apathy. The pioneering healthcare initiative, Arogyasri, has been watered down completely. Why is your government so insensitive towards the health care needs of the masses? Is it fair to leave the common citizens to their fate when they are stricken with illness?
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