Why should Chandrababu be elected once again

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said that the people of Andhra Pradesh were deprived of capital or at least a joint capital. Talking to media here today she remarked that in the last four years, TDP government was involved in corruption estimated at Rs 4 lakh crores. There was not even a single welfare scheme that could be mentioned from Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's government.

The YSRCP spokesperson said that thanks to Chandrababu, AP has lost its identity. The AP CM had performed with an intention to drive the newly formed state backward by 25 years. She said that she was surprised by the list of promises made by Chandrababu during the elections. Why should the TDP Chief be elected once again, Vasireddy Padma questioned and asked the AP CM to explain why people should give him theor mandate in the next round of elections.

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