Why no action initiated against Chandrababu in Notes-for-Votes case

Botsa Satyanarayana questioned why no action was initiated against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the Notes-for-Votes case. Talking to media at the party headquarters here, he said he was surprised that a case was booked against only an MLA, while others were left scot free. "Since Chandrababu was caught red-handed in this case, he shifted his base to Vijayawada. He had also compromised in the rights for water ."

Botsa called upon the Telangana government to conduct an impartial and fair trial with regard to Notes-for-Votes case. He was surprised that over the last three years there was no development in the case and said if this was the situation of a high-profile case, what would the case of the common man be.

The YSRCP senior leader further said that over the last four years there have been many allegations against AP CM, but none of them have been investigated. He called upon people to understand the misdeeds of Chandrababu and teach him a proper lesson in the next elections. Botsa remarked that Chandrababu had no control over governance and that was the reason why there were an increasing number of crimes against minor girls and women.

Botsa also talked about the YSRCP leaders peaceful protest in Tulluru and condemned the arrest of the party leaders. He said that the AP CM had promised to install a 125 feet Ambedkar statue at Sakamuru in Tulluru mandal, but he had conveniently forgotten all about it.

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