Why Is Babu Silent About Neighbouring Unlawful Water Projects?

YSRCP senior leader
Botsa Satyanarayana complained that Chandrababu was mortgaging the benefits of
AP to the neighbouring states. He demanded to know the reason behind
Chandrababu’s silence regarding the unlawful projects being built in Telangana.
He questioned why Babu was not taking this issue to the notice of the centre.
Botsa asked how downstream areas would get water if Telangana drew all the
water upstream, with 800 ft. water level at Srisailam reservoir. He expressed
his displeasure towards the Government’s indifference in a situation where
certain districts of AP were in the verge of becoming deserts.

If Kaleswaram lift
irrigation scheme is completed, the Godavari waters reaching AP would reduce.
He questioned what would happen if Polavaram project was not built and slammed
the Government’s laziness. He blamed Babu’s greed for concentrating more on
Pattiseema in spite of the central Government’s interest in completing
Polavaram project.

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