Why are you back stepping to speak about this issue

The YSRCP MLAs fired on the ruling party chief for using the name of the
architect of the Constitution B R Ambedkar for the political benefits. The MLAs
stated that they were forced to move out of the Assembly by the Marshalls as
they were standing on the words to discuss about the issue of call money and
sex racket, which is demolishing the lives of women. The MLA Sridhar Reddy also
stated that everyone is watching and come to know the evil power of the ruling
party and questioned the government, " Are you having time to discuss the sex
racket and call money issues?"

also asked the TDP leaders to address the question, "Why are you back
stepping to speak about this issue?" Sridhar Reddy also said that Naidu is
confusing people and stated that the Call money and sex racket issue will be
resolved and cleared to people if it is discussed rather than giving a



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