White paper on TDP 100-day rule sought

Sept 30, 2014: Demanding a white paper on the 100 day term of TDP Government, YSR
Congress has said that the State is laying more focus on excise revenue despite
its poll promise of closing down the belt shops and waiver of agriculture and
DWACRA loans.  

Chief Minister has been replaying his old tunes of Janmabhoomi and other such
schemes while the Finance Minister has been unhappy with the officials as they
did not get the targeted revenue through excise for the period ending September
30,” party spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram told reporters here on Tuesday.  

target set for September 30 has been Rs 2314.20 crores while the actual
collection has been Rs 1,805.03 crores and the Finance Minister has expressed
his displeasure on the officials for not meeting the target. There is no
attempt to close down the belt shops which has been the second of set for five
core promises TDP has made, loan waiver being the first.  

While so
much thrust is being laid on the revenue through excise, nearly 7 lakh old and
sick people are being deprived of pensions in the new scheme scheduled to be
launched on October 2, the Gandhi Jayanthi day. The committees, packed with TDP
cadre and sympathizers, have weeded out nearly 7 lakh names from the pensioners

should be given to all eligible and needy persons cutting across party lines
and not to a select section as the benefit should not be based on party
affiliations, he said.  

welfare schemes are being set as per the budgetary allocations and not the
other way round and not a single election promise is being implemented in its
true spirit, he said. We demand that the Government release a white paper on
its performance during its first 100 days and a comparative statement with TDP
election manifesto would rip open the truth.  

Government has been bidding time and searching for excuses when it comes to
implementing the welfare schemes while it is hell bent on collecting the

January 2003, the State had 40,000 belt shops and the Government had to bear
the ire of women who agitated against the shop and fell flat in the ensuing

Minister had then talked of Vision 2020 and now he is speaking of Vision 2019
which is a mirage in real sense, he said.


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