When girls are dying here how can you have luxury in foreign countries?

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Roja rebuked the Government for its negligent attitude.  She mentioned that there is no protection for women and while students are committing suicides also, Babu is ignoring. Neglecting the students suicides, ongoing attacks on women, Babu is enjoying in Singapore and Malaysia - Roja said in anger.  Inter student, Bhanupreeti of Pingidi gudem, West Godavari district, Vijayawada Mary Stella College student committed suicide. Lot of suspicions are surrounded in this case, said Roja.

 Roja commented that as Babu is not having daughters, he is not concerned about their value. She demanded that the suicides of women and students should be judged by the sitting Judge. Roja questioned the government, that if proper investigation is done during the Rishitesvari case of suicide, Bhanupreeti would not have committed suicide now. She said that from Srikakulam to Chitoor a Psyco is ready to attack women.  Why are the Ministers Acham Naidu, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, including three female Ministers are not opening their mouth. Roja questioned.

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