When did you even respect women?

  • Ruling party’s attitude towards women is condemnable
  • Woman MLAs’ suspension was against the rules
  • Woman MRO was beaten up for stopping their misdeeds
  • Anganwadi women were verbally abused
  • Student fell victim to ruling party’s misbehavior
  • Call Money Sex Racket victimized many women
  • No arrest and no punishment for TDP MLAs
  • YS Jagan slams TDP Government
  •  Assembly: YSRCP president and leader of opposition slammed Chandrababu Naidu
    for uttering lies even on International Women’s Day. He condemned the
    way the Government had been treating women in the state. He said it was
    important to look back on the respect given to them. YS Jagan raised his concern on the 1-year unjust suspension of woman MLA Roja from the legislative assembly against the rules. He commented that AP assembly bagged the credit of anti-constitutional member suspension.

     He recollected how TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar physically abused the woman MRO Vanajakshi by dragging her holding her hair for hindering their sand mafia and still managed to escape being punished for it. He also added that the same MLA had resorted to verbal abuse with anganwadi women of the state. Protests against him on this account were ignored and no arrest was made.

     When a girl student Rishiteswari of Architecture department in Nagarjuna University was sexually harassed by certain people backed by the ruling party, it led to her death but no action was taken against the principal, slammed YS Jagan. As soon as the arrests happened, bail was being sanctioned, he complained.

     In the state’s major city Vijayawada, the MLAs and MLCs of ruling party lent money with huge rates of interest and when the debt was not paid, they dragged women of the borrowing families into sex racket, made their videos and blackmailed them. In spite of clear evidences for this, nobody was punished. YS Jagan condemned the way bail was being obtained in the police station, even without having to enter the court. He complained that things like this had been happening only in AP and that this proved what kind of respect the Government was giving women.

     YS Jagan greeted all the women in the assembly as well as in the whole country on account of International Women’s Day. He mentioned that it was decided in 1977 by UNO that this day would continue to be celebrated to enable equal rights to women with men. He added that a theme would be adopted every year and that this year’s theme was ‘Step Up Gender Equality’. YS Jagan stated that a woman had a superior place, a woman is a mother and a mother meant patience.

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