What Has The Government Done For The Minorities Till Date?

Vijayawada: YSRCP minority leaders of Vijayawada slammed the state Government for its indifference to them. They mentioned that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu had made many promises prior to elections including some to minority communities and questioned which among those promises had been realized to date. After the Government was formed, one of the first promises made by Chandrbabu in Vijayawada was establishment of a Haj house. They stated that almost Rs.145 crore fund had been allotted for this and complained that not a brick had been laid till now for the Haj house. Almost 3000 people had applied for the Haj pilgrimage, among which only 2000 had been accepted, he informed. They criticized that the Government was not even in a position to arrange for Haj for its people.

They condemned the use of funds allotted for minorities for other schemes. Almost Rs.700 crore funds had been allocated for them but no schemes had been planned for their benefit. No steps had been taken to uplift the economic status of the minorities, they complained. They slammed Jaleel Khan for migrating to TDP and for deceiving Muslim people by criticizing Chandrababu, bluffing that he would fight for Muslims, using them and now defecting the party for his own benefit. They criticized that the Government had done nothing for Muslims ever.

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