What a fate, unable to give a morsel of food.

Babu must go to satisfy people’s hunger

Vijayawada: In a protest against the increasing prices the YSRCP has taken up a novelty approach by protesting on the roads carrying vegetables & all the basic commodities and making slogans against the government’s inability. The leaders said that the poor man is unable to have at least one meal in a day with the foolish act of the Government.

The YSRCP leader Gowtham Reddy said that Chnadrababu is roaming in the skies dreaming about building skyscrapers and is not in a situation to understand the poor man’s hunger. He said that his government is in very cruel state that they could not give a morsel of food to the poor. The public is facing severe problems with the increasing prices but there is no trace of government action.

Gowtham Reddy sardonically said that Chandrababu has gone deaf; he is unable to hear the public cries. Since coming to power he hiked charges, did forced land acquisitions and increased prices causing severe problems to the public. If the people of the state should get jobs and get rid of their hunger, Babu must go away.

In the coming day the poor and middle class public would crush this government. When the prices are compared, after Babu’s rule started the prices have increased double the times.

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