What Did You Do For Women – Uppuleti Kalpana

Hyderabad: AP Legislative Assembly witnessed the hot discussion of woman empowerment. Opposition YSRCP leaders slammed the Government during the debate. YSRCP MLA Uppuleti Kalpana demanded to know who were the women receiving the sewing machines that TDP was bragging to have donated and when this happened. She criticized that the Government had promised the waiver of loans for dwakra women but neglected it. Kalpana mentioned that the waiver was first said to have applied to whole of the loans. Later it came down to Rs.10000 and then it was further limited to only Rs.3000.

 Uppuleti Kalpana opined that the dwakra groups had weakened due to the Government’s deeds and that the A-grade societies degraded to B-grade. New loans were not being sanctioned as the earlier loans had not been paid. She questioned the Government how many women from SC and ST Corporation. Kalpana complained that the Government was being indifferent to loan waiver and taking back the given promises too.

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