Weavers Neglected by TDP: YSRCP

YSR Congress has demanded the TDP government to forthwith
clear all the loans of weavers as they have been getting a raw deal and
committing suicides.

“TDP in its manifesto has promised many incentives to
weavers but not a single one was implemented after coming to power. On the
Weavers’ Day today we demand that all loans of weavers be waived immediately,’
party SC Cell chief M Nagarjuna told reporters.

Weavers are being under utter neglect by successive
governments and only YSR has waived RS 312 crores of loans of weavers. The
weavers’ loans stand at Rs 1,000 crores and they should be waived immediately
to save the community which does not have any source or means of income, he

TDP in its manifesto has made numerous promises and
assurances including Thrift Fund and rebate on electricity to power looms,
modernizations of tools and special package to the children of the weavers
among others but not a single poll promise has been fulfilled.

The Janata Cloth scheme has been shelved which is directly
affecting the weavers and the Neta Bazar promised by TDP did not come into

“We demand that the weavers’ loans should be waived,” he

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