We Work For The Uplift Of Dalits

YSRCP SC cell's president Meruga Nagarjuna appreciated the way YSRCP president and leader of
opposition YS Jagan spoke about dalits. He stated that it was comforting to all
the dalits of the state. In a meeting conducted at Guntur, Meruga Nagarjuna

How Chandrababu had deceived dalits and deprived them of the benefits they
deserved had been clearly explained by YS Jagan, commended Nagarjuna. He
mentioned that it was clearly understood from YS Jagan’s speech that
Chandrababu had deceived them of over Rs.6000 crore funds they should have
received in 2015-16 and in 2016-17. He recollected Chandrababu’s unjust comment
saying nobody would choose to be born in dalit community and condemned him for it.
He specified that Babu’s atrocity should be publicized throughout the state.

Meruga Nagarjuna mentioned Chandrababu’s idea of closing the social welfare
hostels and turning them into residential colleges. He announced the decision
of the conference to demand cancellation of GO 45 specifying the closure of
these hostels. Nagarjuna also slammed Chandrababu and his allies for snatching
lands of the dalits in the capital area at a meagre cost of Rs.1-5 lakh per
acre and planning to take crores of rupees of compensation for them now.

Meruga opined that ‘SC-ST Atrocity Act’ was a boon given to the people of
downtrodden castes by Dr.BR Ambedkar and cautioned that this was not to be
misused. He also demanded the formation of SC-ST commission and the formation
of Tribal Advisory Council for the welfare of STs as prescribed by YS Jagan in
the assembly. He insisted that illegal bauxite mining was to be stopped. He
extended that dalits would stay supportive of tribal people in this matter, as
per the instructions from their party’s president YS Jagan.

Meruga Nagarjuna declared that they condemned the lies and false promises
being uttered by Chandrababu regarding unemployment. Not doing a single
recruitment in two years and not providing Rs.2000 stipend for the unemployed
showed the affection Babu had for dalits, exclaimed Nagarjuna. He acclaimed YS
Jagan for the way he had questioned Chandrababu regarding this issue in the
assembly. He opposed the way the employed were being deprived of their jobs.

He mentioned how YS Jagan spoke about NRGS and working days. 40% of the funds
allotted by the central Government were being spent on material and 60% reached
the labourers. But YS Jagan had demanded that 100% of the funds reached the
workers and the same had been concluded in their conference, stated Meruga. He challenged
the state Government, particularly the social welfare minister, to release a
white paper about the dalits’ sub-plan, jobs and GOs. He informed that it had
been resolved in their conference that all the people of the state ahould be
made aware of the misdeeds of the Government.

Meruga Nagarjuna
announced YSRCP’s plan to celebrate Babu Jagjivan Ram’s birthday on the 5th of
April and BR Ambedkar’s birthday on 14th of
April throughout the state as per the orders issued by YSRCP president YS Jagan.
He stated that as per orders from YS Jagan, BR Ambedkar’s birthday would be
celebrated in Vijayawada. He also announced the readiness of the SC cell to
fight against the atrocities faced by the dalits of the state.

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