We will pass No Confidence Motion against the Government

  • We will question the Government in the assembly about promises.
  • Public is against the acts of father-son duo.
  • Ethics are very important in politics.
  • Defected MLAs must resign and prove themselves.
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP’s MLA of Paderu constituency Giddi Eshwari expressed her concern that the central and the state Governments together were depriving the North Andhra region of development. She said it was saddening that Chandrababu Naidu and Venkaiah Naidu who had made huge promises on the day of bifurcation now chose to be silent about those promises and the state’s special status. She condemned not giving prominence to North AP region in the central budget. She said there was no use of TDP-BJP alliance. She expressed her displeasure towards the absence of mention of North Andhra region in railway budget in spite of the efforts the people of this region made for the development of Visakhapatnam railway zone.

    Upon call from YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan, party leaders gathered at the party office in Lotus Pond. On this occasion Giddi Eshwari spoke to the media. She mentioned that the public was strongly against Babu and his son Lokesh for giving impossible statements that they would make sure there was no opposition in future. She mocked Chandrababu for taking out his emotion on YSRCP after TDP miserably had lost in Telangana. She condemned the way TDP lured YSRCP MLAs with the name ‘Operation Akarsh’. She added that it was so shameful of Babu to decoy them with crores of rupees of money and position as ministers.

     Giddi Eshwari opined that having ethics was very important in politics. She said that unethically migrating MLAs were accountable to the public as well as their conscience. She added that it was on YS Jagan’s mark that the people voted for them. She remarked that certain selfish people were falsely showing development as an excuse and misleading the public. She challenged the defected MLAs to resign and prove their worth.

     Eshwari slammed Chandrababu for talking about abolishing YSRCP, giving no preference to fulfilling his pre-election promises. She confirmed that Babu’s unjust acts were only giving them inspiration to fight him more bravely. She said that YSRCP leaders would question the TDP Government in the assembly’s budget sessions for the benefit of people under the leadership of YS Jagan. She complained that the funds that were sanctioned for the fulfillment of promises to SC and ST were being diverted by Babu himself. She declared that they would pass No Confidence Motion against TDP Government for forgetting all the promises made.

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