We Will Keep Doing It If SCS Demands It

  • The Government is showing vengeance towards the opposition
  • Babu and Venkaiah deceived 5 crore people of AP
  • People of the state are worried about the SCS
  • Is it wrong to try to make people’s voice heard?
  • Why is action not being taken on Babu for promoting party
  • We shall not leave our fight for SCS at any cost
  • YSRCP MLAs in press conference

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLAs criticised
that the TDP Government was acting vengefully towards the opposition party
MLAs. After they presented themselves in front of the assembly’s privilege
committee for inquiry over the chaos created in the recent assembly sessions,
MLAs Muthyala Naidu, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, Kambala Jogulu, Dr.Sunil Kumar and
K.Sanjeevaiah spoke to the media.

They slammed the
way AP CM Chandrababu and cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu had welcomed the
special package announced by the Union Government in place of special category
status, despite having been the persons demanding for 15 years and 10 years of
the status respectively at the time of bifurcation of the state and at the time
of elections. In light of 5 crore people of AP feeling the insult given by Babu
and the left parties and the people's organisations feeling that Babu and
Venkaiah had deceived the people in the matter, leaders of YSRCP had tried to
make the people's voice heard in the assembly by insisting on discussion
regarding the matter to happen in the house during the sessions, but the Government
had oppressed their trials by rejecting the adjournment notice they had
submitted, stated the MLAs. They also recollected how their party’s president YS
Jagan had not been given access to the microphone to speak about the issue.

YSRCP MLA, RK, expressed sadness
considering the notices sent by assembly privilege committee. He questioned why
action was not being taken against Chandrababu, who has promoted party
defection and decorated the leaders who had won elections with YSR’s blessings
and YS Jagan’s assistance and later shamelessly defected YSRCP to join TDP,
with his party’s scarves, despite YSRCP submitting notices pertaining to the
issue to assembly committees. He remarked that it was unfortunate that the Government
had chosen assembly as the dais for suppressing the opposition party that had
only tried to make people’s voice heard. He declared that they would jump onto
the benches in the assembly and create chaos again and again if Chandrababu and
Venkaiah Naidu did not realise their mistakes at least now.

RK questioned how
Chandrababu had brazenly come out to say that the state should accept the
special package announced by the central Government in spite of having made
unanimous resolution twice earlier in the assembly. He proclaimed that YSRCP
leaders would continue to fight for the sanction of special category status at
any cost on behalf of people.

RK stated that
they had to create chaos in the assembly in order to represent the agitation
going on among the people throughout the state. He revealed that they had to
behave in such a way during the assembly sessions in order to resist the Government
that was evading discussion on the sensitive issue. He mentioned that it was
the responsibility of the opposition YSRCP to speak up in support of sanction
of special category status that would aid the development of the state in all
areas. He reminded how YSRCP president YS Jagan had announced that the party’s MPs
would resign if necessary for the cause.

Questioning who
had given Babu the right to deny people of their rights and how he could
welcome special package one-sidedly, he remarked that Chandrababu had entered
into compromise with the union Government after having been caught red-handed
in Cash for Vote case. He suggested that the Government should follow ethics at
least now and come forward to speak to the centre in support of the sanction of
the status.

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