We will fight for Special Status in Parliament

Chandrababu is not sincere on Status

The center must fulfill the promise

Special Status should be announced in Parliament

YSRCP MP’s demand

New Delhi: The YSRCP MP’s Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy and Y.V.Subba Reddy demanded in the Parliament that Central Government should announce Special Status. The MP’s said that NDA assured in the House that the promise made by UPA will be fulfilled but even after 17 months in power the Central Government is delaying the announcement of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh.

The MP’s said that Special Status is most crucial to the State and that the development of the State depends on it. They said that YSRCP is fighting for Special Status from the beginning and the YSRCP chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy has been doing various protests and strikes to achieve the Status. Y.S.Jagan has also done protest in Delhi and indefinite hunger strike for seven days in Guntur. They mentioned that already YSRCP leaders have met Prime Minister & Central Ministers to request them. The MP’s expressed anguish that the Central & State Governments are being reckless. The MP’s stressed that they will confront Center on this issue.

The MP’s expressed anger that Chandrababbu is not being proactive to achieve Special Status. He is cheating the State by giving importance to Special Packages. Chandrababu is now trying to deceive by talking about Modern Category. The MP’s said that Chandrababu is pledging the State for his selfish needs.

When the States were separated seven districts were identified as backward districts but till now funds were not approved for those districts. The MP’s declared that YSRCP will fight on this matter also. They said that Y.S.Jagan has requested the Prime Minister to include Prakasam District in backward districts list. We will also question Center on this and demand to include Prakasam as 8th backward district, added the MP’s. 

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