We Shall Prevent Land Robbery By TDP Leaders

Guntur: YSRCP's coordinator of Pedakurapadu constituency, Kavati Manohar Naidu stated that they would not let TDP leaders snatch the lands belonging to Sadavarthi choultry in Amaravathi. He challenged the TDP leaders who were bluffing to have bought the lands legally for an open debate. Manohar Naidu informed that the fact finding committee formed on behalf of YSRCP led by state leader Dharmana Prasad Rao would visit Chennai on the 26th of this month to examine the lands. He held a meeting at the party's office in Arandalpet with the leaders and activists of Pedakurapadu constituency.
Speaking on this occasion, Kavati commented that TDP leaders had conspired to rob the choultry's lands of worth crores of rupees in the name of the temple's development. He informed that the committee would tour in Chennai and examine the registration value of the lands, market value and local situations and that the aim pf the committee is to bring the truth to the notice of the people. Kavati remarked that Kommalapati had been scheming since the day of coming to power for robbing the temple's lands. He mentioned that the party would not step back in this issue and was ready for legal battle if required. He suggested that the party would not be scared by the assaults being made on the activists and assured the party's support to them at all times.

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