We Shall Hinder The Water Loot

  • Corrupt Babu who would not speak about unlawful projects
  • We shall bend the central and the state Governments
  • We shall continue the movement under the leadership of YS Jagan
  • We shall protects the rights of the state: YSRCP leaders
Kurnool: YSRCP MP Butta Renuka criticised CM Chandrababu Naidu's indifference towards the projects unlawfully being built by the Government of Telangana on River Krishna and River Godavari. She explained that YS Jagan was doing what Chandrababu was supposed to do. She questioned Chandrababu why he was not behaving as per the responsibility his position would give him. She spoke during the Jala Deeksha being staged by YS Jagan at Kurnool. Renuka exclaimed that Rayalaseema, which had been a prosporous place during the reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya, was now backward only due to water scarcity. She reminded that YSRCP had performed samaikya movement to prevent the state's bifurcation in the first place to prevent this situation. Renuka demanded to know how Chandrababu was planning to provide water to Rayalaseema through Pattiseema scheme.  
YSRCP MLA Gowru Charitha Reddy expressed her concern about the impending danger of unavailability of water in Rayalaseema as well as districts like Nellore, Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam because of the unlawful projects of Telangana. She mentioned that Rayalaseema already had shortage of irrigation and drinking water too. She stated that Telangana was trying to snatch 160 TMC of water through Palamuru-Rangareddy, Dindi and Kalvakurthi lift irrigation schemes, endangering Rayalaseema. She remarked that Chandrababu was more interested in his corrupt activities rather than in the benefit of people. Charitha Reddy demanded that the river water robbery by Telangana in the name of projects should be immediately stopped. She confided that they would bend the central and the state Governments in this direction under the leadership of YS Jagan. 
YSRCP MLA Y.Aijayya mentioned that people would make leaders but leaders would not make people. He slammed the MLAs who had left YSRCP for the lure presented by Chandrababu. Speaking at the site of Jala Deeksha, he criticised Chandrababu for ignoring people's problems and practicing selfish politics in the state. He condemned Chandrababu's indifference towards Telangana's projects. He commented that Chandrababu had robbed hundreds of crores of rupees with the name of Pattiseema and bought MLAs with corrupt money. He acclaimed the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for his determination and relentless struggle for the benefit of the state in spite of the ongoing defection scenario. Aijayya complained that the defectors were avoiding the people and YSRCP activists out of shame. He confided that they would protect the rights of the state for the farmers and the people, under the leadership of YS Jagan even if Chandrababu did not respond.

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