We Shall Expose Chandrababu's Corrupt Administration

Kurnool: YSRCP’s district
president Gowru Venkat Reddy stated that Chandrababu’s robbery-based
administration would be exposed to people at every doorstep. He spoke to the
media at the party’s office along with other party leaders. He called for the
leaders and the activists of the party to make a huge success the ‘Gadapagadapaku
YSR Congress’ programme that would be conducted from Friday as per the
instructions of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan.

Irregular governance

Member of YSRCP’s central
governance council and former MLA Kothakota Prakash Reddy complained that the administration
in the district was irregular and the officials were ignoring developmental
activities. He stated that officials were always being busy in meetings and the
collector’s unpunctuality was adding to their problems and leading to lack of
development in the district. He remarked that not even 10% of the appeals done
in Praja Darbar were enjoying solution. He demanded to know the collector’s
intention behind not relieving the MRO of C.Belagal even after transferring him
on grounds of corruption.

Development activities
lacking quality

Central Governance
Council member Hafeez Khan commented that the quality of work happening at Sultaniya
Eidgah and small Eidgah was very low. He suggested that the money being wasted
on this work would rather be distributed among poor Muslims’ welfare. He
exclaimed that not arranging even mercury lamps at the Eidgah showed the TDP
Government’s commitment towards Muslims.

The party’s city
president Narsimhulu spoke to comment that TDP had taken uo development
activities in the city only to benefit their coterie. He criticised misusing
Rs.15 crore of public money for activities in Kurnool city in the name of
Krishna pushkarams that happened elsewhere.

SC cell state leader
Maddaiah mentioned that Chandrababu’s corrupt activities would be explained at
every doorstep and confided in their victory in corporation elections.

Administration against
the will of the people

YSRCP leaders
condemned the anti-people rule of Chanddrababu and slammed the deception done
to people by ignoring the promises made to them. They complained about misuse
of crores of rupees of public money. They demanded answer from the CM about the
sale of Sadavarthi choultry’s lands. They recollected all the promises made to
the district and commented that none of them had been realised. They stated
that handouts would be distributed to every doorstep about Babu’s corruption as
part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme.

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