We Shall Battle Legally Against Land Irregularities

  • The lands were put up
    for sale as per Babu’s instructions
  • Auction of Sadavarthi
    choultry lands should be cancelled
  • The transactions of
    the scam will be exposed
  • We will take the land
    mafia to the PM’s notice: Dharmana

Hyderabad: Chairman of the fact
finding committee appointed by YSRCP on Sadavarthi choultry lands, Dharmana
Prasad Rao, stated that the lands had been put up for sale as per Chandrababu’s
instructions. He revealed that the lands were actually common assets of both
the states. He explained that the lands were present in Guntur area of Andhra
Pradesh as well as in Talambapur area of Tamilnadu. He criticised the TDP
Government for not taking it to the notice of the cabinet or the Governor. The
fact finding committee appointed by the party, after careful examination of
facts, handed the report to the party president YS Jagan.

Speaking on this
occasion to the media, Dharmana Prasad Rao mentioned that the sale of Sadavrthi
lands stood as an example for the TDP’s failure on protecting Hindus’ lands and
behaving lawfully. He mentioned that TDP MLA Sridhar who represented the area
including Sadavarthi satram had written a letter to Chandrababu and he had in
turn instructed for the sale. He stated that the Government should check the
legal possibilities before auctioning trusts’ lands. Dharmana mentioned that
the leader of opposition YS Jagan was going to write to the Chief Minister
about the corruption that had happened in Sadavarthi choultry issue. He also
mentioned that the report given to YS Jagan was only primary and that more
details would be disclosed in a later report.

Demanding the
cancellation of auction of Sadavarthi temple lands as the procedures were not
followed and was auctioned against the guidelines, YSR Congress has said that
it would take up the issue at all available forums. ‘Procedures were not
followed in the auction of the Sadavarthi lands located in Tamil Nadu and were
given away in open auction for a pittance which goes against the rule of the
land and to benefit people at the highest level,’ senior Party leader Dharmana
Prasada Rao, who headed the fact-finding committee of the entire episode of sale
of temple lands, told reporters here on Tuesday.

To auction such land the
normal procedure is to take clearance from the Finance and Law Departments and
then get the cabinet nod besides informing the Governor as the deal comprises
the two states. The land auctioned is located in Chennai of Tamil Naidu close
to the IT corridor. The High court should also be informed of such a sale as
the land was given for a specific purpose and should establish that the
purpose, in this case the education needs of poor Brahmins, is no more
necessary failing which the very purpose of the Trust would be defeated.

With so many deviations
and skipping the procedures the land worth crores of rupees was sold at a
throwaway price and lesser than the reserve price as there were no bidders. The
entire transaction has no transparency and we demand that the auction should be
cancelled and called for e-tenders giving wide publicity enabling more number
of participants. In the auction held only one group of people, who are either
friends or relatives participated and took away the land for a very cheap
price, though the location is in prime area, he said. While the original price
could be over Rs 6.5 crores it was sold for Rs 27 lakhs only.

During our tour, we have
interacted with people of all walks in Guntur, where the temple is located and
Chennai where the land was located and have taken notes on the deal which
clearly shows that the procedure was not followed by the State Government. The
silence of the Chief Minister shows his guilt and we demand that the auction
should be scrapped and fresh tenders should be called for. The issue has been
raised by Congress and BJP as well.

We will take up the
issue at all available forums including legal options besides our leader
writing an open letter the chief minister, taking it to the notice of the
Governor and Prime Minister, he said.

Here is the copy of the interim report prepared by the fact finding committee on the scam:


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