We Don't Want Babu's Rule Anymore

  • Jananeta's support to Bunder port victims
  • Fury towards TDP Government's forceful land acquisition
Krishna: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, slammed the tyrannical behaviour of TDP Government, particularly snatching farmers' lands in the name of Bunder port and threatening them. He addressed a huge gathering at Buddalapalem. He spoke face-to-face with the farmers about their hardship. Farmers and women revealed their problems to the Jananeta. They spoke about the way Chandrababu had been grabbing their lands against their will. They declared that they did not want Babu's rule anymore.

YS Jagan's face-to-face discussion with victim farmers

Gayatri, Buddalapalem
700 acres have been snatched from us. Anganvadi cente's building and agricultural lands were among the area grabbed. We shall not give even a cent of land. Chandrababu is lying on the TV that farmers are willing to give away their lands, while no farmer actually is.

Kalyani, Sarpanch, Chandraharam
In my area, 3000 acres spreading in a distance of 12 km are being pooled. The land given to me by my parents also is included in this. Ours is a fruitful land. The banks are not giving us loan for my son's college fees. No water is being provided for our crops' irrigation. TDP leaders are threatening to harm Perni Nani, the leader who stood supportive to us, while insulting women through satirical comments on him.

Nageswara Rao, Hussainpalem
I have ten acres of land. I have three daughters. No loans were sanctioned to me. We have no provision of water. Our crop landscan yield three crops a year. Babu is conspiring to snatch our lands. I have to get my daughters married by selling my crops. But registrations have been stopped. I am confused as to what to do.
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