We are Proud of Roja - Eshwari

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari mentioned that the interim orders issued by the High Court against the conspiracy plotted by AP Government meant dismissal of Roja’s suspension. She expressed her gladness over the court’s verdict. Eshwari expressed her displeasure towards the way Chandrababu had revengefully suspended Roja in spite of his boasting about supporting woman empowerment in the assembly. The judgement delivered by the court in this case would occupy a permanent place in the history, opined Giddi Eshwari.
Eshwari complained that TDP Government had suspended MLAs of YSRCP with false accusations over not realizing its promises. She expressed content over the victory of justice. Eshwari also remarked that TDP MLA Anitha’s speech was disgraceful to the society’s dignity. She commented that MLA Anitha responded instead of ministers to the speech of every YSRCP MLA. She also added that they were proud to have a woman as brave as Roja in their party.

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