We are one despite two states: Jagan

Khammam, March 6, 2014:
Striking a deep emotional chord, YSR Congress party president Sri Y.S. Jagan
Mohan Reddy made it clear that YSRCP would remain in the hearts of people in
both Telangana and Seemandhra and sincerely work for the welfare of the people of
the two states.

“Provoking sentiments
and emotions, they had divided the state but no one can divide the brotherhood
of the Telugu people,” Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy said, addressing a sea of humanity
at Khammam Wednesday evening.

Khammam extended a warm
welcome to him when the YSRCP chief arrived in the town leading a road show
from Vyra where he earlier entered from West Godavari district.

“I always stood for
unity of the Telugu people and a unified state. Yes, I stood for it. When I said
unity, I meant the brotherhood and welfare of the Telugu people living in the
regions of Telangana, Rayalaseema and Seemandhra. I want that all Telugu
people, speaking Telugu, to live in harmony and happiness,” he said amidst thunderous
applause of people.

Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy
said if any injustice is done to people of Telangana, Seemandhra people should
go to their rescue and vice versa.

As a political party, YSRCP
will work from Telangana and also from Seemadhra and strive to bring back the
YSR golden era, he said. “I want all of you and I want to see happiness in all
your eyes,” he told the mammoth gathering in a voice choked with emotion.

Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy
said he never tried to arouse hatred and envy among the Telugu people like
other politicians and political parties as he only sought harmony of the Telugu
people irrespective of the region.

“I am committed to
bring the golden era back in both the states by implementing the YSR welfare
schemes will all sincerity,” he declared.


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