We Aim At Making YS Jagan The CM Of AP

Nandaluru: Palle Greeshmanth Reddy, the district general secretary of YSRCP's student wing, declared that their aim was to make the party's president, YS Jagan, the CM of AP. Speaking to the media at the local R&B guest house, he opined that YS Jagan had to become the state's CM for YSR's ideals to be realised or for the welfare schemes he had introduced to be continued. Acclaiming YS Jagan's commitment to fight for people's welfare, he mentioned that it was why he was loved by people of backward sections of the society too.
Greeshmanth Reddy slammed the Union and the State Governments for the hardship they had caused to the people and stated that the governance by a leader like YS Jagan would do good benefit to the state.
Stating that service activities would be held by students' wing of the party now on, that would benefit people, he called for the activists and the leaders of YSRCP to work for the consolidation of the party like soldiers. YSRCP leaders Sk.Mehboob Basha, Anala Madhu Yadav and Puttha Sankar participated in the meeting.

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