Waive off loans in Phailin-affected areas

Srikakulam, Oct 17,
2013: Expressing deep anguish at the plight of farmers and fishermen who
suffered heavy losses in the Phailin-affected Srikakulam district, YSR Congress
Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma demanded that the affected fishermen
and farmers be paid immediate financial relief and their loans waived.

She told reporters here
after a tour of the cyclone-ravaged areas on Wednesday that farmers have suffered
huge financial losses and fishermen have become jobless due to the cyclone.
“Farmers have lost their crops. The cyclone has felled all coconut trees and
cashew groves across the district. Besides, fishermen have lost their nets and
boats and become jobless. Both farmers and fishermen should be paid immediate compensation
by the Government,” she demanded.

Asking the
Government to supply rice and groceries to fishermen to run their families, she
said this should be done on a priority basis for their daily living.

Smt. Vijayamma said
the Centre should announce waiver of all sorts of loans given to farmers and
fishermen in the cyclone-ravaged areas. “Cyclone has destroyed paddy fields too.
Therefore, paddy farmers also should also be paid compensation. For coconut growers
who suffered losses, Government should pay compensation taking acre as a unit
and not based on the trees that were damaged,” she demanded.

Besides providing
cyclone victims with alternative employment, Government should immediately take
steps to restore power and drinking water supply in all cyclone-ravaged

Smt. Vijayamma
undertook a whirlwind tour of the district visiting the villages- Judupudi,
Peda Kojjiria, China Kojjiria, and other hamlets in Kanchili Mandalam,  Rajapuram, Borivanka and Iddivani Palem in
Kaviti Mandalam and some other hamlets in Sompeta, Ichchapuram and Mandasa

She met the families
of farmers and fishermen in B.Gonapaputtu, Kusumpuram, Kalingapatnam,
Balliputtuga, Manikyapuram, Rushikudda, Isakalapalem, Gollagandi villages also.  

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