Vizianagaram people hate Botcha: Sharmila

Smt. Y.S. Sharmila addressing a mammoth crowd of people at Parvatipuram in Vizianagaram district on Saturday

Parvatipuram, July 20,
2013: Continuing her series of invectives against the PCC chief Botcha
Satyanarayana on his home turf, Smt. Y.S. Sharmila said on Saturday that he is
being hated by the people even in Vizianagaram district to which he belongs.

Addressing a huge
public meeting at Parvatipuram, she said that all businesses in the district
are controlled by Botcha and his family. “Everyone says that people suffered
some way or the other after the death of Dr. YSR but there is only one person
who benefited most and he is Botcha,” she said amid thunderous clasps by the

Botcha does not want
others to grow and has since kept all important businesses under his wraps, she
said, adding that is why he is being hated by people of this district.

Smt. Sharmila said she
never criticized the PCC chief on a personal level but Botcha has stooped to
his lowest ebb and criticized the late Dr. YSR in the most disgusting manner.
“People will teach him a befitting lesson at the appropriate time,” she

While the Kiran
Government has been exploiting the people by burdening them with different
taxes and hiking the existing taxes, Chandrababu Naidu has been supporting him
and trying to project himself big by copying the YSR schemes and making
plethora of promises.

Dwelling at length on
the welfare schemes of YSR, she said Dr. YSR became role model for other
leaders in the country and had earned a permanent place in the annals of AP

Earlier, Smt. Sharmila
resumed her Padayatra from Narsipuram in the district on the 215th
day today. Kothavalasa, Ullibhadra Junction and Sunki villages are also listed
on the Padayatra schedule for the day.

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