Vijayamma lashes out at CBI’s dual policy

Hyderabad, Jan 4, 2013:
Coming down heavily on the Congress Government and the CBI for applying different
yardsticks of justice in cases, YSR Congress party honourary President Smt. Y. S.
Vijayamma charged the Government with letting the TDP president Chandrababu Naidu
go scot free in return for his support.

CBI has not arrested
Naidu as he was supporting the Congress Government, she told a huge public
meeting at Patancheru near Hyderabad Thursday evening. CBI has not even
registered a case against Union Minister Chiranjeevi who was reportedly caught
with black money, she observed, adding that CBI has been adopting different standards
in probing cases depending on the individuals.

Smt. Vijayamma said, Naidu, taking undue advantage of
the CBI’s lenience, has been indulging in dirty politics and spreading lies
during his Padayatra. “There is no credibility in his words and even in his
Padayatra,” she said.

Chandrababu, who never did any good thing to any
district or implemented any welfare scheme during his stint as CM, has now been
talking of declarations for the SCs, STs and BCs to cheat people, Smt. Vijayamma

Recalling the absence of three TDP members in the
Rajya Sabha during the voting on FDI on multi brand retail, she asked Naidu to
reveal his share in the Rs. 125 Cr spent by Wal-Mart to lobby for the bill.

Smt. Vijayamma said Hyderabad city was developed during
the stint of Dr.YSR and Naidu’s claims of his contribution towards the city
development were false.

She said all important welfare schemes of YSR would
be restored when YSR Congress party attains power under the leadership of its president
Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.



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