Vijayamma castigates cong over coop polls

Hyderabad, Feb 6, 2013:
Castigating the just concluded cooperative elections as the perfect manifestation
of misuse of official machinery and political power, YSR Congress Party
honourary president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma has said that the heavily rigged elections
were only meant to indulge in self-braggadocio by the Congress.

“The elections were
held in the most undemocratic manner and had stood for the height of the misuse
of official machinery by the Congress leaders,” she said in a statement.

Smt. Vijayamma said that
the elections were held and rigged to make the Congress falsely claim that it
had won majority seats. “The entire process of elections starting from enrollment
of members to the filing and acceptance of nominations was rigged by the
officials and Congress leaders,” she said and asked Congress Government: “What
have you done to the farmers to give you victory in the cooperative elections?”

People, especially
farmers, have been facing all round distress with increased oil, cooking gas and
fertilizer prices, abnormal RTC charges and lack of Minimum Support Price (MSP)
for agriculture produce coupled with the dried up crops in the absence of power
supply, she said and asked the Government how people could vote for the
Congress party in these distressed conditions.

“If your victory is
real, how come you lost deposits in the last by-elections?” Smt. Vijayamma
questioned the Congress leaders.

She said while people
are suffering a lot with Government abdicating its responsibility towards the
public welfare, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has conspired with the Congress to
avoid CBI probe into his illegalities and misdeeds.  

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